Tuesday, 21 August 2012


अदम्य(adamya) is a sankrit term meaning undefeated, the one
which stands with its full integrity and strength when tested.

During my days of studying history of ayurveda , i always 
wondered how come any science can stand unchanged for so
many years and still be so effective. Many available books and 
treatises on ayurveda are dated back to more then 5000 years.

It has continuously proven itself effectively with its deep rooted
science, and capability to analyze and explain every function of 
body and the reasons for the disturbances in those functions. 
With eight well developed branches known as 
ASTANGA AYURVEDA (अष्टाङ्ग  आयुर्वेद) ayurveda attends
 to all aspects of  health care of human.
                                So the name अदम्य आयुर्वेद(Adamya Ayurveda) is
 dedicated to that legendary divine  science which has stood strong
 with its full integrity all along with changing times, changing 
diseases, and changing needs of health by providing the safe and
 time-tested solutions, and continues to amuse us with its absolute 

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