Sunday, 9 October 2011

About Us

Adamya  Ayurveda is a centre for complete ayurveda solution, with our  two full-fledged presently functioning centers at Hoskote and Bannerghatta road , Bangalore.
we are committed  to bring you the best of authentic ayurveda in its most affordable , reachable and effective  form. By complete solution we mean to attend all the three important divisions of health,

·         CURATIVE – we provide effective treatment for a very wide range of health problems from common cold to asthma, muscular pains to severe and chronic  joints pain like arthritis, cosmetic concerns like hair fall, acne, obesity, loss of skin tone and many more.
Health conditions like hypertension and diabetes can b supported and treated better with ayurveda.
Reach us with any health problem to know an ayurvedic solution for it.
·         PREVENTIVE –With the following unique concepts of ayurveda ,
  •   Prakruti analysis
  • Seasonal changes and its effect on body(RITUCHARYA)
  •   Food habits
  •   Work regimens ,
We can predict the forthcoming health problems to certain extent and these can be prevented well before its manifestation  and health can be preserved with simple therapies and regimens.
With awareness of ayurveda we can definitely say “Prevention is better then cure”. 

·         REJUVENATIVE –Due  to our changed modern lifestyle we can see early wear and tear of our body and mind , like early osteoporosis, loss of hair, muscle wasting , decreased  performance of sense organs , stress, etc .
Ayuveda  offers  unique and effective therapies to rejuvenate body and mind. Take advantage of our special Rasayana  therapies to slow  down the process of ageing (vayasthapana effect ) .