Saturday, 15 December 2012

JAANU BASTI- knee care

 hello friends,
As we know ayurveda belives in treating everyone as seperate individuals customized by by their  specific combininantion  of VATA PITTA KAPHA , which are unique for every individuals, bcozz of which we get afflicted to different diseases . Its like in a family one gets fever and other dont , even though  they ate same  food and had same water.

Even though  we are unique in our vata pitta and kapha combinations ,we all still follow a similar pattern at certain levels and AGE is one of such factor which treats us same.


New born to  age 16 yrs - kapha kala , so childern commonly suffer from coomon cold , ferver , loose stools, vomitting etc.

16-40yrs  - its pitta kala , so adults suffer from pimples , acidity, ulcers, hair fall,  bleeding disorders etc.

above 40 - vata kala starts , vata has laghu ,ruksha(dry) gunas due to whcih body starts degenarating . so in aged persons we see teeth fall, joint pain , muscle wasting, loss of memory, reduced performance of sense organs like eyes, ears etc.


So the as the effect of vata due to age the qualities like ruksha (dry) , khara(roughness) ,etc increase in body casuing dryness of knee joint , the lubricating fluid called as sandhi shelshma ie synovial fluid reduces . This leads to more friction between the bones of knee joint and resulting into the degenaration bone at joint .

so ayurveda explains certain medicated oils which has opposite gunas of  vata . These oils are used in a therapy called jaanu basti,

* what is jaanu basti ?
- jaanu= knee  and basti= making oil to stay at one place for certain duration.. so we make the medicated oil of specific desirable temprature to stay on ur knees for certain time. and then followed by massage and medicated steam to ensure proper absorption of oil.

*what are the benifits...?
- improves the joint mobility.,
   reduces pain and swelling
   improves lubrication of joints  (synovial fluid )
   makes knee joint last longer and healthier.

*who can have it..?
-since it is not only a curative therapy , it also acts as preventive and rejevnative therapy so anybody can have it. doctor guidness is necessary in choosing oil so no self medication please .
*  spl indication- sports person as to avoid the illeffects of over use of their knee joint.