Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello parents,
                  Ayurveda has always amused us with its vast knowledge about body and its ways to recover it whenever harmed or threatened by by external/internal things.
                                      so out its many valid and tested concepts, i would like to mention one of its very unique and interesting concept called SWARNAPRASHNA, which you may find interesting for your kids.

What is a Swarnaprashna ?
                            Its a concept of feeding a child  pure gold processed with different medicinal herbs, ghee and honey.

What age children can have it ?
As young as day one (NEW BORN) to 16 yrs .

Benifits of Swarnaprashana.

  • Improves the immunity.
  • Improves memory and intelligence.
  • Helps child to attain its milestones (speech, standing , walking, teeth eruptions etc) at proper time.
  • Helps in overall body growth and weight improvement.
  • Reduces allergies, and possibilities of any hereditary diesases.
  • Helps to fight those viral fevers and recurring cough cold due to seasonal changes and infections. 

Where is this mentioned ?

Its mentioned in many of old  Indian  authentic texts as it is one among the 16 samskaras (naming,marriage, etc)
                            But we derive our recipe  from the  treatise written by rishi KASHYAPA and SUSHRUTA .

When it should be given ?
 We give it on pushya nakshatra of every month.

Any harmful effects ?  

It is being practiced since 5000+ years and no harm has been reported or documented yet,  and in recent years many institutes and councils have conducted studies for years to confirm its efficacy and safety, so absloutely no need to worry.