Friday, 24 August 2012

Akshi tarpana- an interesting therapy for eyes

Ayurveda has always amused us with its different therapies and routes of administrations of medicines to different organs, so Akshi tarpana is one of such a unique therapy which is used to promote health of eyes.


                                                       Akshi tarpana is a unique process of application of the sneha (medicated ghee) to the eyes, for a certain period of time . It is known by different names viz NETRA TARPANA, NETRA BASTI,etc. 


This is done to treat aliments(symptoms) of eyes like - 

  • Painfull eye.

  • Dryness of eye. 

  • Stiffness of eye.

  • Burning of eyes.                       

  • Injury to the eye.

  • Squint.                                     

  • Falling of eye lashes.

  • Blurring of vision.                      

  • Difficulty in opening & closing.   

  • Conjunctivitis.


This is also done to rejuvenate eyes,

  • Improves vision.

  • Ensures longevity of vision without blurring.

  • Helps in reducing the power of lens.

  • Very help full in computer syndrone ( damages/sympotoms due to continuous exposure to computer/tvscreen)

  • cleanses your eyes from dust/ dirt particles, pollutions.

  • reduces redness of eyes. 



  • Its not painful, 

  • Very economical 

  • Very safe.

  • Should be done under a doctor supervision only.

  • Different medicated ghee are used based on different conditions/needs.

  • Its a tested and trusted threapy sinces centuries.

  • Absloute no need to afraid or feared of.


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  1. Can we apply this to 4yrs old child who got glasses ? Can a child avoid wearing glasses after this medication ?